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September 8, 2020 Modern Home Decor Ideas

Bohemian Room Decor for Women

Bohemian room decor is the type of decoration that is perfect for the house if you have the feminine personality. Basically, the bohemian style is colorful and it also has a lot of pattern. Therefore, the decor will be feminine and pretty. In addition, to have the room theme is actually pretty easy. The room gets strong effect on the color and material usage. In addition, if you want the theme, here are several things you can do. Check this article out for some ideas as well as inspirations of the room design and theme.

bohemian chic room

bohemian chic room

Bohemian Room Decor Basic Concept and Preparation

12 Inspiration Gallery from Bohemian Room Decor for Women

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To have the bohemian style of a room, you can start by having the wall paint with beautiful feminine bold color. For example, you can have the maroon color for your wall. And then, you should have the bed with a curtain. It will increase the bohemian feel of the house. Furthermore, you should get a lot of pillows. Because then, the room will feel comfortable and also feminine. As for the perfection, you need to keep the room warm with the usage of carpet and also plenty fur material usage. As for the lighting of the room, the dim and dark lighting will be very suitable. Because, it will give the mysterious feeling for the room that will indeed be special.

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Bohemian Room Design Details and Perfection

Aside of the basic concept, the details and perfection of the room should also be well considered. Because, the room should be beautiful and also have every details that will make the bohemian feel stronger. For example, you can use the bold feminine color selection. The red, blue, and purple could be your choice. And then, you can use the materials that have ornamental pa5ttern on it. As for the perfection of the bohemian theme, you can use several touch of gold in the room. For example, you can place a gold ornament for the table. Alternatively, you can also use a golden pendant for the curtain.

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