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April 18, 2020 Headboard Designs

Cheap and Simple Diy Rustic Headboard Design

Rustic headboard – Refresh current bedroom furniture instead of buying new things. Do not send good things to dump, if you can update them with a little creativity. Covering a compressed wood desk or chair with a few layers of non-toxic paint for an immediate upgrade. Recycling stacked luggage into a creative bedside table or turn an old wooden door into a rustic headboard for a bed. If you are crafty, make your own bed pillows and chair cushions with old curtains, carpets or cloth. Transform an antique storage chest for a comfortable end-of-the-bed bench using foam upholstery and decorative materials. Use potted plants as natural air purifiers.

Rustic Headboard with Lamps

Rustic Headboard with Lamps

Make a rustic headboard with cedar branches together like an accordion. Cutting arms of equal length. Branches may be of varying thicknesses, but trying to keep them within two inches of each other for a smoother finish. Strip away any protruding nubs or sticks from branches seal each all way around with wood sealer and trim them so they’re flush at both ends when laid out in a row. Join them together across back with two wooden strips, one close to top and one near bottom. You can use finishing nails or wood screws to attend wooden brace to each of cedar branches. Hang cedar rustic headboard behind your bed for a rustic focal point in your bedroom.

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