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Cozy and Attractive Cushion Headboard

Cushion headboard – cushion or padded headboards provide back support when sitting on bed. They are usually deeply padded and sometimes are upholstered. Skin is to cover head with a thick layer of foam, and then drive nails to attach upholstery foam board at intervals, creating a cushioning effect luxury. Nail head is then covered with a decorative button or pearl. Any remaining material can be used to throw cushions of bed to a cohesive effect.

Cushion Headboard Blue

Cushion Headboard Blue

You can incorporate cushion headboard with storage units or nightstands to make full use of space. Wooden frame header is U – shaped, with a wide top and narrow arms. Central section of header, area directly above headboard is padded or upholstered. Arms of U, which are located on each side of head of bed, serve as a support for mounting storage cabinets or tables. You can also mount shelves on side of head and join them in large shelf that runs along top of board.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Cozy and Attractive Cushion Headboard

Image of: Pink Cushion Headboard
Image of: Cushion Headboard with Button
Image of: Cushion Headboard Type
Image of: Cushion Headboard Twin
Image of: Cushion Headboard Purple
Image of: Cushion Headboard Pink
Image of: Cushion Headboard Pattern
Image of: Cushion Headboard Kids
Image of: Cushion Headboard Green
Image of: Cushion Headboard Gray
Image of: Cushion Headboard Color
Image of: Cushion Headboard Blue
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Cushion headboard are particularly useful in children’s rooms. They provide protection and support for a child and can also be linked to theme of room. For a child’s room, make a headboard looks like a fairytale castle, with padded central section in pink satin and sides painted to resemble turrets. For a guy in room, filling headboard in dark blue fabric and glue silver stars; then paint sides of head with spacecraft and space monsters.

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