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September 5, 2020 Modern Home Decor Ideas

Creative Tips To Use Decorative Lights

Decorative lights are pretty important to strengthen room accent. In fact, light decorations are different depending on what room or what place you want to decor. There are two ways to create light decorations. The first is you create your own light. The second is you use lights which already available. Here are some tips to do with both ways.

decorative night lights

decorative night lights

How To Create Decorative Lights

14 Inspiration Gallery from Creative Tips To Use Decorative Lights

Image of: christmas light decorations
Image of: christmas lights decorations
Image of: decorative fluorescent light covers
Image of: decorative light switch covers
Image of: decorative light switch plates
Image of: decorative night lights
Image of: decorative outdoor lighting
Image of: decorative solar lights
Image of: decorative string lights
Image of: led decorative lights
Image of: lighted outdoor christmas decorations
Image of: outdoor christmas lights decorations
Image of: outdoor decorative lights
Image of: outdoor lighted christmas decorations

Making your own light is not that hard. The easiest way is to use jar or bottle. Put candle inside and hang the jar or bottle. The problem of this light type is in balance when you about to hang it. the other is, this light is not really durable. once the candle is out, you need to clean inside the bottle and replace with another candle. Another idea is using electrical light covered by unused night-lamp cap. This is way easier and faster. Besides it may have different colours, you do not need to put yourself in trouble by replacing and cleaning inside the bottle. However, this idea is lack on finding night-lamp cap.

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Decorate With String Lights

As you know that creating light is not that hard yet need effort, you can use string lights instead. This string lights is easier and faster since you do not need to bother finding unused stuff. How to decorate with string light is pretty easy. First, if you want to decorate outdoor, you need to imagine perfect cross for string lights. If you find tree or pole nearby, you can wrap it up with string lights so that it looks glowing and romantic. In the other hand, string lights can also be used as room decoration. People find string lights are pretty and not too bright to be used as night lamp. You can hang some string lights right above bed or near the window to accompany your sleep.

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