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July 25, 2020 Home Party Decor Ideas, Modern Home Decor Ideas

Cute and Fluffy Cupcake Decorations

Cupcake decorations will be your next skill with simple and easy ways. These techniques should be known by you because it is very easy and also quick when you want to make a cupcake or more cupcakes for some reason, for your friend’s birthday surprise for example. Cupcake with simple toppers will be learnt here, so, check this out.

beauty christmas cupcake decorating ideas

beauty christmas cupcake decorating ideas

The Simple Toppers for Cupcake Decorations

15 Inspiration Gallery from Cute and Fluffy Cupcake Decorations

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The most easy and cheaper toppers for cupcake is candies. You should put butter cream first, by the way; then, you might use any candies such as M&M, jelly beans, or chocolate bar. Lemon butter cream, vanilla butter cream, chocolate butter cream or any other variation can be put on it before the toppers. Next toppers ideas are fruits such as fresh strawberry, then cookies, sprinkles and flags or a printed tag.

The Idea Making Your Own Cupcake Topper      

You might learn the easiest ways such as melted chocolate on a cupcake. You only need to make a bar of chocolate melt with these simple ways. Prepare a melting pan, and then place your chocolate on it. Then, if you do not have a melting pan, you should use stew pan. Put some waters into it, and then put the chocolate in another heat resisting bowl. Then, put the bowl on the boiled water while on the stove. Place the melted chocolate on the cupcake, then, it will be frosted quickly. Easy isn’t it?

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