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May 21, 2020 Modern Home Decor Ideas

Decorative Grasses for Your Lovely Garden

Decorative grasses will make your garden looks so beautiful like a fancy dream, but it is not a dream, you will make it real. The grasses with color gradation will make your garden landscaping so awesome. Pink, blue festuca, black mondo, white pampa, or even cotton candy will make your garden like a paradise.

decorative artificial grass

decorative artificial grass

Decorative Grasses Ideas

15 Inspiration Gallery from Decorative Grasses for Your Lovely Garden

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You should know first your garden will be like what. If you like something sweet and cute, you should choose the ornamental grasses with pink color or white pampa. The green will be the gradation in the bottom. You will arrange them in front of your house or in your patio. The theme of your garden will influence your grasses. As a suggestion, the grasses will be beautiful placed along the stone pathway.

When Should the Grasses Planted

The grasses with cute colors or not should be planted in spring or in fall. Spring is the best one. The key of it is the well-drained soil. The landscaping with the grasses is so easy and really fun, right? You only need to know when you should plant the grasses. Thus, your garden will be very refreshing and beautiful for a long time. You should treat them well too every day.

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