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DIY Kids Headboards Ideas and Design

Kids headboards – An upholstered headboard working well behind a child’s bed, because it gives a soft backrest for comfortable playing or reading. Making your own is a project with great results, as most people can fill with modest DIY skills. This project also can be customized as the fabric can be changed to suit your child’s tastes by simply dragging some staples and recover the base.

Best Kids Headboards

Best Kids Headboards

DIY kids headboards, Measure across the head of your child’s bed. Add 6 inches to this measurement. Cut a piece of plywood to this length and 48 inches high. Mark three rows of spots across the width of the board. The first row should be 4 inches from the top; the other 4 inches lower than the first; and the last 4 inches below the other. Cut a piece of quilt batting 6 inches longer and 6 inches wider than the board. Place the batting on the floor and center the board on it. Stretch the excess around to the back of the board and staple it in place.

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Stretch the excess around to the back of the board and staple it in place. Trim excess batting and fabric. Put a shank button on the front of the kids headboards at each place where you drilled holes. Before the needle from the rear through a hole, then through the button shaft and back through the other hole. The buttons will tuft headboard. Hang the headboard with flush mounts, so half of it is under the mattress and half are above. The tufted portion of the kid’s headboards should be above the mattress.

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