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February 27, 2020 Desk

Extending Desk Chair Mat

Desk chair mat – Finding the perfect size chair mat can be difficult when working with an odd size or without measurements. If you have found the right mat but discover by use that it is not as big as it has to be, there is a solution. Extending the carpet size is easy to accomplish with some simple tools and without any knowledge of cutting or binding carpets. Combine the original carpet with a similar carpet or buy two of the original carpet and attach them to make the carpet functional in no time.

Small Desk Chair Mat

Small Desk Chair Mat


Buy the same or similar carpet. The carpet should be the same mat or type of desk chair mat so that the edges meet clean and easy. The carpets must match in length at least one side or end where they connect. For example, a 4-foot 6-foot carpet does not come with a 3-foot with 5-foot carpet. Place both carpets down on a hard surface floor with mat back up. Do not place carpets on another mat or mat. The softer surface can cause the carpets to buckle or bend during the fastening process.

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But the desk chair mat together along the side or edge where they will attach. Push them together until the edges meet. Cut two small lengths of tape, and place the tape over each end of taped seams. The smaller pieces should be about 3 to 4 inches long. Place the shorter strap perpendicular to the seam, on top of the ends of the seams tape and along the edges of the carpet. The idea is to use the smaller lengths of tape to prevent the ends of the seam tape from peeling up and getting hurt and loose over time.

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