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February 29, 2020 Desk

Handmade Creation Desk Blotter For Study Area

Desk Blotter – Create a study area for your American Girl doll so you can do your homework. Whether your doll has its own desk or shares his. A desk blotter provides a work surface with the best texture for writing. Both you and your doll will get an A + in the calligraphy when you spend time practicing handwriting together. You do not have to worry about the marks that go on the paper when the blotter has removable top sheets.

Desk Blotter Square

Desk Blotter Square

Cut a rectangle of 4 inches by 3 inches of card stock and three rectangles of the same size green construction paper desk blotter. Stack the construction paper on the cardboard. Cut four 1-inch pieces of satin ribbon 1/4 inch. Place the center of a single piece of ribbon over one corner of the stack of paper at a 45-degree angle. The outer edge of the tape should be even with the corner point.

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Wrap the ends of the tape tightly around the sides of the corner and glue them to the back of the card with a hot glue gun or sticky glue. Wrap the other desk blotter corners with the ribbon in the same way. When your wrist is made from the top sheet of your dirty blotter. It can be remove to reveal the fresh leaf underneath. Choose your favorite color for the paper. An adult should use the glue gun.

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