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Ideas for Build a Custom Headboard

Custom headboards add a personal touch to a bed. The bedroom is a retreat from the rest of the world, so it is important for each family member to have a custom headboard to reflect their personality. Furniture grade plywood serves as a blank canvas to create custom headboards. The furniture quality means you will be able to finish it with a stain or paint. Custom headboards are mounted on the wall by the headboard or bed frame

Custom Headboard Design

Custom Headboard Design

Measure the width of the bed frame at the head of the bed with a tape measure. Place the plywood panel with the 48-by -96-inch side flat on a work surface. Measure and mark the width of the bed frame on plywood panel. Decide how tall you want the headboard. Measure and mark the height of the headboard panel. Create a pattern in the rectangular area to make a custom headboard. For a child’s headboard, consider the outline of a car or airplane or a favorite cartoon character on top. The design of an adult headboard can be curved, frayed or include a number of advanced liquid lines. Use the flexible curve ruler to create a symmetrical design.

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Cut custom headboard design with a jigsaw by following along the pencil lines. Sand the cut edges of the headboard with fine-grit sandpaper until they are completely smooth.  Use a stain or paint to the headboard to complete the design using. A poly brush. Allow the paint to dry before installation. Align the headboard against the wall behind the headboard to the desired height. Driving wood screws through the headboard into the wall every 6 to 8 inches along the edge with a screwdriver. If the headboard must be installed on the bed frame, adjust the headboard of the bed frame at the headboard.

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