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June 11, 2020 Modern Home Decor Ideas

Pineapple Decor – The Symbol of Hospitality

Pineapple decor is very suitable to welcome our guests. It has been a symbol of hospitality since 1600s until now. This fruit is connected with rich people. When they had guests, the pineapple was served as an expensive dessert. Sometimes, that fruit was also used as a gift to the person who entertained the guest. Yes, the pineapple symbolizes hospitality when we use it to decor our home. Its shape and bright colours make our home feel warm. Nowadays, people love using the pineapple shape as their decoration or even just the picture of pineapple to decor their stuffs. From the small stuff, for example a napkin ring, until bigger stuff, such as a lamp, they love to use it.

pineapple wall decor

pineapple wall decor

The Brief History of Pineapple Decor

13 Inspiration Gallery from Pineapple Decor – The Symbol of Hospitality

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Image of: decorative pineapple
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Christopher Columbus had a trip in the Caribbean in 1493. He loved the sweet taste of the tropical fruit there, that is Pineapple. So he and his men brought that fruit to Europe. But the European gardeners could not grow the fruits until well until the 1600s. Since that year, they could grow that plant and make that fruits as a gift for the guest who visited Europe. At that time, pineapples are very expensive. Just rich people could grow and eat them.

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Pineapple for Wedding Decoration

Do you want to save your money but still want to give decoration for table setting? Use pineapple! You can use that fruit for making a flower vase by cutting off the head of the pineapple and and fill it with flowers. Or, we can put the pineapple inside the transparent flower vase which can contain that one fruit and fill with some flowers inside. We also can make pineapples as centerpieces. Just put them on the table and attach a personalized card on each of their head. Those ideas can make our wedding guests feel special and welcomed.

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