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Stylish Bookshelf Headboard Decoration

Bookshelf headboard –¬†Elegant headboards provide a crown accent to any bedroom. A headboard hits bed and can act as a primary or secondary decoration. A common headboard can serve as basis for a pile of colorful pillows or an elegant headboard can serve as a primary focal point and main inspiration for entire room design. Metal or fabric, abstract or traditional, almost any material and style combination is possible for great decor.

Bookshelf Headboard Organizer

Bookshelf Headboard Organizer

Turn an entire wall a bookshelf headboard to create attractive storage space and provides a unique headboard. white bookcase consists of floor-to-ceiling shelves with a high and regular panel in center. panel creates a flat surface directly behind bed. A large, rectangular recess panel provides an open area to hang a picture or install a window. A short bookshelf runs across top of recess to frame area and keep total wall style liquid.

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A selection of colorful ribbons, paint, varnish and a large piece of plywood is all you need to create a stylish bookshelf headboard with colorful ribbons decorations. White paint covers sanded plywood board to form a common base. Thick varnish over paint provides a strong and smooth surface. Evenly distributed pieces of assorted strips intersected stripes across front of plain headboard to create a diamond pattern. Thin pieces of tape covering sides of plywood headboard for a finished look.

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