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Stylish Vintage Headboards for Beds Photo

Vintage headboards – Fix the appearance of a bed frame normal marriage by adding a header. A padded Vintage Headboards gives a smooth surface to lean on when you read or watch TV in bed. You do not have to be a woodworker of experts to make a Vintage Headboards. You do not even need to know how to use a drill or hammer. If you can choose the fabric and use a staple gun, you can build a header.

Nice Vintage Headboards

Nice Vintage Headboards

Vintage headboards for beds, Cut the piece of plywood to be a couple of inches wider than your bed. Queen size mattresses are usually 60 inches wide, so the board must cut 64 inches wide. Cut the board so that is about 5 feet tall. If you do not want to cut the board yourself, make the cut for you at the store or buy a board already qualified to fit. Place the plywood on a flat surface or on the floor and place the foam on top of it. Cut the foam so it is an inch larger than the plywood on all four sides.

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Place the batting on top of the foam on plywood. Trim excess batting to have about 6 centimeters more on all four sides. Place the plywood, foam and batting up at one end. Pull the batting edge over the back of the plywood and put a staple in the center at the top. Continue stapling the batting to plywood, working away from the center of each side. Pull tight wadding on the fly. Cover the head with fabric upholstery. Repeat the stapling process, starting at the center of the top. Place the vintage headboards against the wall when finished stapling, and push your mattress frame and bed against it to keep it in place.

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