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Wall Headboard of the Bed Style

Wall headboard – Creating a headboard for a wall can create a unique look for your bedroom. This project-it-yourself can be performed with minimal cost, it fits any budget and is less expensive than buying a headboard in a retail store or local furniture. All that is required is some basic supplies that are easily found at any hardware store or craft store, a couple of hours of time and ability to take careful steps.

Original Wall Headboard

Original Wall Headboard

Make a wall headboard, Determine where you want the bed to be found. This will give an approximate location on the wall of the header. Measure the width of the mattress you do not want to create a header that is too narrow or too wide. Locate the wall studs with a stud-finder to purchase at a retail store or local hardware. This will determine the final size and location of the head. Do not mount the headboard on the wall studs can result in dropping or damaging the wall header. Clearly mark the stud location with a pencil or marker.

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Wall headboard of the bed, Make sure the head extends at least 2 inches beyond the location of the foot otherwise the media used may be visible. Buy a piece of wood that is 1/2-inch thick to create the backup header. Have the hardware store cut the piece to size or cut it at home using a jig saw. Cut a large piece of foam to match the size and shape of the head of the bed. Buy a large piece of fiberfill a roll that is at least 18 larger than the required size inches. Cut a piece of fabric using the same method as the fiberfill, allowing three to four inches of extra fabric. Mark the bracket locations correlate flush with wall studs.

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