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What Are Welding Curtains

Welding curtains are screens, treated to absorb ultraviolet radiation. Which can installed around a welding station to protect people in the area. Most types of welding produce a light glow that can be harmful to workers and spectators. Short-term hazards include flash burn in eyes. While prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation produced during welding can cause cancer. While a safe weld should always wear the right face shield and safety goggles when working.

Automated Welding Curtains

Automated Welding Curtains

But while spectators and others working nearby may not always have the same protection. This is the reason why welding curtains are important. The color of the curtain material is important. Different colors absorb different frequencies for radiation, and blue light. A well stocked shop will have screening material. The most screening material is transparent, allowing the workers to see their surroundings.

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When hanging or arranging welding curtains, always leave enough space at the bottom to allow smoke to vent out of the work area and clean air to flow in. Welding curtains should also designed to block or overlap. Preventing radiation from escaping on corners and areas where two screens meet. Welding curtains should at least be large enough to screen the area where welding is done.

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